Frequently Asked Questions

Please find most frequently asked questions and helpful answers about using our motorhome hire services.
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Q: Do I need to hire a generator?

No, the leisure batteries re-charge as you are travelling and once on a campsite, when you plug into
the electric they will charge up to a level adequate for you to wild camp for a few days. You can track
the batteries charge levels on the display inside the motorhome

Q: Where can I access water for the freshwater tank if I’m not on a campsite?

Most garages will have a hose for water and generally a hose to use also. If not, there is one

Q: Where can I leave my vehicle when I pick up the motorhome?
Your car can be left at the pick-up point, in the drive at the house. Although this is secure, it is at your own risk.
Q: Are motorhomes difficult to drive?

No but they are different and feel bigger. Take your time and get used to the feel of it and be aware of your space, especially when turning into junctions. They are not meant for speedy driving so take your time and relax. Some Scottish roads can be narrow or single track so you will need to take your time and be aware.

When reversing, its best to have someone guide you in, even with reversing cameras fitted.

Q: Do I need a special license to drive these?
No, as they are below the 3.5 tonne threshold, a normal license is fine
Q: Can I hire bikes?
We can usually supply bikes but if you want something top spec for mountain biking or the like, we can recommend a fantastic local supplier and put you in direct contact.
Q: What if I break down?
Our vans are regularly serviced but obviously this can happen, and so within your motorhome pack, we have included all the details you will need to call out the recovery service. Let us know if you have had an accident and we will try and help as much as possible.
Q: I have forgotten how to work something –what can I do?
We provide a full handover of the vehicle and its generally straight forward. Dot worry if there is something you have forgotten how to do, give us a call and we will do our best to help you out.
Q: Can I wild/free camp anywhere?
As long as you are observing road traffic laws, the country code and behaving responsibly, you can. However, some areas restrict wild camping and will have signage in place. Worth having a look at for more information.

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